A Heart Frequency Painting can help change your life. How, you may ask?…

The process begins with a video call where we chat about what it is you want. What you really want. We’ll also uncover what’s blocking you and the struggle you’re having with the courage to make an important shift in your life. Then, with a deep meditation, I channel high frequency information to encode into the painting. The visual imagery that I receive is unique to you. Specifically for you to activate and match the frequency of what you want to where you are now. Your painting emits a frequency and vibration to support Heart-aligned thoughts and actions to attract your desired outcome.

BENEFITS of investing in a Heart Frequency Painting include:

~ Releasing what no longer serves you

~ Increasing your self love and self knowing

~ Having the courage to speak from your Heart

~ Raising your vibration and energy (and raising the vibration and energy of the space it occupies)

~ Activating your Heart every time you view it (it could be used as a meditation tool too)

~ Inspiring you to be and act from your truest self

~ Connecting you to unconditional love and support


Where in your life do you need courage to create change?

Are you feeling stuck and sad? Are you having difficulty standing up for yourself? Or speaking up for yourself? Being seen and heard? At work? In a relationship? What’s going on in your life that no longer works? Frustrated with ongoing financial stress? Or maybe physical pain? What life struggles are you SO tired of fighting and are wearing you down? And most importantly… how is it costing you your happiness?

You deserve to be happy. And when old methods don’t work to “fix” things anymore, the inner work is needed. Getting in touch with the Heart of the issue is essential. And current times require us to live in a more Heart-centered, soul-aligned reality. It can be no other way.

When you access your Heart Courage, your life shifts to a higher vibration. Better relationships, authentic self expression, more love and self confidence, showing up for people with your true self, and speaking from the Heart is just the beginning!


What does your heart really want? Deep down?

The energy frequency and vibration that’s emitted from this unique painting is personalized JUST FOR YOU. It will reconnect you with your Heart Courage to take inspired action and attract the change you crave. Are you ready to take that quantum leap?

With my fine art background, empathic, and clairvoyant abilities I create a painting that activates the frequency of your Heart Courage to help you align and attract what you desire most.


FEATURES of what you’ll receive are:

~ a 30 min video call to understand the root of your desire

~ 2-4 “sneak peak” photos of the painting in progress

~ a customized and intuitive 16” x 20” Heart Frequency Painting

~ a document summarizing the meanings of imagery in your painting

The PROCESS. . . 

~ After our call, I do a 45 minute meditation to get intuitive information on how to best translate that message into a visual representation for you (may include specific things like colors, imagery, symbols, etc).

~ Information is also received during dreamtime, as well as direct channeling while painting.

~ I gather the necessary supplies and I send them Reiki energy and intention to bless and energize the painting for your highest and greatest good.

~ This painting is a personal portal for you from the Universal Energy that’s been channeled into a visual interpretation. This interpretation emits and uplifts the frequency and vibration of your Heart, which attracts what you want to create and call into your life.

~ painting process can take 3-4 weeks.

Heart Frequency Painting Price*: $1,300

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*Early bird pricing. Price increasing to $2,100 June 1st!



“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
~ Albert Einstein